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We are sorry to announce that due to a recent change in our fiscal law and due to the small number of subscriptions, OrganiTask website will be closed as of the 1st of June 2015. We strongly suggest you to copy your data to another task manager as soon as possible.


OrganiTask is a task management application which enables you to create and organize your tasks from anywhere in the world.
It is a web application and is therefore accessible from any browser.

Your work is automatically saved, no need to transfer or synchronize your data, simply log in via another computer and continue to work starting from the very same state.
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For phones and tablets
Online and Offline mode


For computers
(runs in your browser)
Online mode only


For computers
(application to be installed)
Online mode only

Splendid user-interface

OrganiTask uses high-end web technologies to provide a modern and user-friendly interface.
Its flat design allows you to focus on your tasks without being disturbed by any unrelated content.

Phones and tablets

OrganiTask allows you to manage your tasks on your phones and tablets even if you are offline.
When you are back online, simply click on the "Sync" button !


The task list provides you with a global view of your current tasks. You can edit multiple tasks at the same time in the task editor window.
Thanks to task templates you can easily create new tasks with prefilled values.


OrganiTask provides multiple ways to categorize your tasks using contexts, folders, tags...
You can easily filter your tasks depending on the categories you have selected in order to focus on what matters to you at the moment.


OrganiTask displays your tasks in an impressive calendar allowing you to view the tasks of the day, week or month.
You can reschedule your tasks via a simple drag and drop in the calendar itself.

Google Calendar

In order to plan and manage your time efficiently, OrganiTask allows you to connect to your Google Calendar account.
Your Google Calendar events will then be displayed in the calendar next to your scheduled tasks.

Upload files

OrganiTask allows you to upload task files. Each file is linked to a single task and can be downloaded at anytime.
Never again will you forget an important file !

Task saved searches

OrganiTask allows you to filter your tasks and to sort them based on any possible criterion.
You could for example only display the tasks that are due in less than 3 days and have the context "@ Work".


With the Pro subscription to OrganiTask, you can manage your teams, invite team members and work concurrently on the same tasks.
When a team member updates a task, the other team members are informed about it in realtime.

API & TaskUnifier

OrganiTask allows third party applications to synchronize their data thanks to its powerful API !
TaskUnifier is an application which you can install like any other software and synchronizes with OrganiTask.
Subscription Free Standard Pro
Contexts 10 100 100
Folders 10 100 100
Goals 10 100 100
Notes 20 1000 1000
Tasks 100 2000 2000
Phones and tablets
Task templates
Task saved searches
Calendar accounts
Upload task files    (100 mb)
Free 11.99 /Year 17.99 /Year
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